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ITDR Automation


Data and IT services make up the lifeline of any modern business enterprise, large or small.

Before a data centre fault occurs, either caused by human errors or a natural disaster, executives want to be assured that their data is secure and protected. It is well understood that downtime equals monetary loss and most importantly reputational loss and that every minute spent on recovering data and systems is the time taken away from running their business. 

Traditional manual recovery methods consist of hundreds of steps to recover data and applications. IT staff is often required to reboot servers, applications and infrastructure. Should an error occur during the process, the complete recovery may take twice as long.


The old-fashioned and time-consuming IT recovery processes lead to high recovery time objectives (RTO).  Further, companies are unable to align their DR systems to the rapidly changing business and compliance environment due to a lack of regular DR drills and comprehensive failover testing. 

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DR Automation enables IT administrators to build resilient infrastructures that will keep data and applications accessible during outages and avert downtime.


A fully automated DR system will initiate a series of actions in a precise order that reinstates one component after another until the complete service is online – eliminating time-consuming manual procedures and human errors and returning the organization back to normal operations within the required RTOs and RPOs.


With automated DR, IT staff can avoid late-night calls about outages that have made customers angry. Automated DR eliminates stress and saves countless hours, so data centre managers can focus on more strategic projects. So while automation certainly reduces the risk and complexity of IT DR, it also reduces the cost as it frees the SMEs from the tedious and time-consuming manual process.


Infoallianz provides end-to-end services to help you streamline and automate ITDR processes. Our services consist of consulting, architecture design, implementation, and drill support afterwards.

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